2017 Nashville Pride Pageant Appliction

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All decision of the Pride Pageant 2017 judges and staff are final and binding. Contestants judged to be impaired and/or intoxicated may be removed from Pageant competition by Nashville Pride at any time. Participation in the Pageant is voluntary and Nashville Pride, Inc and Play Dance Bar are not responsible for any and all liability which may be incurred by participation or competition in the Pageant. I have read and understand the rules and regulations and agree to abide by them
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Official Rules & Regulations


Contestants will be judged in the following categories: Creative Presentation, Evening Gown/Formal Wear, and Talent.

Talent will be limited to 7 minutes. Prop set-up and tear-down will be limited to 5 minutes total. Any time violation will result in a 1 point per judge deduction.

Any type of talent is acceptable except those that may cause injury to the audience or any other person. NO excessive Glitter, No Fire, and No Water may be used in any Talent.

The use or dispensing of any illegal substance will not be tolerated while any contestant is participating in the pageant. Immediate disqualification and ejection from the premises will occur for anyone breaking this rule.

Excessive consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by the contestant, helpers, or dancers will also result in disqualification.

Any contestant not in the appointed place at the appointed time (i.e. contestant check-in, start of pageant, etc.) will have a one point per judge deduction.

Any contestant, dancer, or helper who is caught in the act of stealing or tampering with another person's property will be ejected from the premises and will cause immediate disqualification of said contestant.

Nashville Pride does not discriminate against entertainers with silicone and hormone use. The use of silicone and/or hormones will not be considered by any judge in scoring contestants.

Nashville Pride reserves the right to make any decisions concerning any matter not covered by these rules.

All music must be on a high quality CD, clearly labeled, with the contestants name and title of song. It is strongly suggested that additional copies of the CD be immediately available in the event that the original becomes unusable.

Pageant Categories


Each contestant will be judged in a Talent selection of their choice. It may be of any type that will not put themselves or the audience in danger. No Excessive Glitter, No Powder, No Fire, and No Water may be used in this category. The actual Talent is limited to seven (7) minutes and will be timed. There is a five (5) minute limit total set-up and tear down time if needed for props or preparation. There will be a 1 point per judge deduction for time infractions. DO NOT GO OVER THE TIME LIMIT. Contestants will be judged on Talent Ability (lip-sync, dance, live vocal, etc), Entertainment Value, Costuming and Makeup, Sound Quality, and Effectiveness of Props and dancers, if used. Remember, if you put props and/or dancers on the stage with you, they will be judged as well.

Evening Gown/Formal Wear

Each contestant will be judged one at a time in a full-length evening gown for Miss contestants and formal wear for Mr. contestants. It may be of any color, style, and fashion. Contestants will be judged on gown/formal wear selection, fit, hair/makeup, accessories, poise, modeling ability, and general appearance. Music will be provided for this category.


Each contestant will present themselves to the audience and judges in a Themed Presentation Category. This is NOT a “mini-talent” category. There is a three (3) minute limit, and each contestant must introduce themselves on the microphone giving their name and contestant number. Contestants will provide their own music for this category and can either lip sync, model with their costume or both. There is no set-up time for props. Contestants will be judged on their costume by creativity, fit, ability to model costume, speaking ability, music selection, and overall effectiveness of presentation and introduction.


Pageant Venue:


1519 Church St., Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 332-9627