The Nashville Pride Board is currently made up of 26 members. Decisions concerning the festival, finances, friends, fundraising, and all other Nashville Pride functions and events are made at board meetings. Board members vote on all major decisions.

Please, ATTEND a BOARD MEETING! They are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, and actively posted on our website calendar. The Board loves hearing input from the community. These meetings are the best place to get involved in Nashville Pride.

To contact the Pride Board please email

Matthew Gann   President

Ryan Ellis Past President

Paula Foster President Elect

Tyler Cothron Treasurer

Kerrie Turney Secretary

Phil Cobucci

Alex Fortney

Andres Martinez

Christiane Davis

Chuck Long

David McMurry

Rell (Ekko) Freeman

Greg Cason

Jaime Combs

Jeremy Mercer

Justin Sweatman Weaver

Kenny Hill-Wright

Mac Huffington

Melissa Greene

Michael Brown

Pam Kelner

Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

Sheila Fischer

Vic Sorrell

Zach Ledbetter