We love our friends

So much, in fact, that our supporters who join as official "Friends with Benefits" receive access to our most popular events and other perks, like freebies and special offers from our partners, all year long.

With your $250 contribution you'll receive access to the events listed below as well as other exclusive perks.  These funds enable us to jump-start early planning for next year's festival without losing any momentum from the excitement drummed up this year.

Want to join as a couple? No problem

Our friends who really aim to please can get access for up to four to each event with a $800 donation with our "Benefactor" membership.

The Benefits

  • 1 ticket to Martinis and Jazz | May 16
  • 1 ticket to Pride Turn About | June 8
  • 1 ticket to the annual Pride Pageant | June 10
  • 1 ticket to Nashville Soccer Club game | June TBA
  • 1 weekend VIP Lounge pass to the Nashville Pride Fest | June 23/24*

*The FWB Lounge area which will be located stage right and include one full meal Saturday and Sunday, unlimited beer, water, soda, and specialty drink tickets, plus meet and greets with Pride’s entertainers.


2018 Friends with Benefits (updated 5/23)

Steven               Adair                    Alan          Whitley

Dayton              Alford                                   

Brian                 Anderson                             

Ashley               Ball                                       

Ryan                  Barry                                    

Tim                    Barry                                    

Jason                 Bates                    G.L.            Black

Caroline            Bocko                                   

Caroline            Bocko                                   

Andrew             Brooks                                  

Mat                    Brooksher            Wes          Davis

Joey                   Brown                  Michael    Brown

Melvin               Brown                                  

Eric                    Brown                                  

Joe                     Burchfield                           

Hal                     Cato                                      

Reid                   Cifrino                                  

Phil                    Cobucci                Stuart       Wallace

Tyler                 Cothron                               

Jack                   Davis                                    

Jeremy              Davis                    Matt         Dillman

Chuck                Dillingham                           

Ryan                  Ellis                      Chris        Terry

Russ                  Evers                                    

John                  Farris                   Flint          Clouse

Meredith          Fortney                Alex          Fortney

Paula                 Foster                   Jessica      Hoke

Matthew           Gann                                    

Gary                  Gaston                                  

Michael             Gill                                        

Juan Sebastian Gonzalez                              

Roger                Gore                     Dewayne Sisco

Melissa              Greene                                 

Al                       Gregory                Toby         Sturgill

Lizbeth              Guerra-Valencia                  

Rick                   Haley                    Yidier       Perez

Christopher      Hawk                                    

Adam                Herbison                              

Keith                 Hinkle                                  

Lisa                    Howe                    Wendy     Howe

Mac                   Huffington                           

Chip                  Jernigan                               

Camille              Johnson                               

Sumita              Keller                   Dustin      Keller

Zach                  Kelly                                     

Pam                   Kelner                                  

Rachel               Kihn                     Shelley     Kofahl

Michael             King                     Jae            Hess

Kelly                  Kline                    Steff         Silva

Clayton             Klutts                                   

William             Koerber                               

Ryan                  Latta                                     

Zach                  Ledbetter                            

Jackie                Light                     Nick          Green

David                Livingston                            

Mark                 Lopez                   Patrick     Boggs

Jessica               Meehan                               

Jeremy              Mercer                                 

Keith                 Merrill                  Keith        Merrill 

Rachael             Moore-Beard       Brady       Beard

Mark                 Nixon                                   

Lee                    Nolen                                   

Alex                   Oetken                                 

Christopher      Ott                        Jeremy     Simons

Brandyn           Payne                                   

Lucas                 Phillips                                 

Matia                 Powell                                  

Bryant               Ransom                                

Lisa                    Rogers                                  

Randall             Roop                     Stevyn      Gilmore

Jeffrey               Rymer                                  

Maria                Salas                                     

Chris                  Salt                                       

Jim                     Schmidt               Joe            Wooley

Marty                Sewell                                  

Robert               Sikorski                                

Drew                 Simmons                              

Mary                 Smith                                   

Robby               Steele                                   

Daniel               Syriac                                   

Brice                  Thomas                                

Kerrie               Turney                                 

Josh                   Upchurch                            

Jonathon           Vaughn                                

John                  Wall                                      

Chris                 Westbrook                           

Carter               Witt                                      

Joseph               Woodson                             

Matthew           Young                                  

Mandy              Yow                      Allette      Vayda