Nashville Pride Parade Participant Information

Presented by Bridgstone


Date and Time

Saturday June 22, 2019 at 10 AM sharp


Parade will kick off at 8th and Broadway and end at 2nd and Broadway.

Line up Location

Parade will line up on Broadway between 8th and 12th ave.

Check in for all groups will take place at 12th and Broadway.

Announcer Stations

5th and Broadway 107.5 The River

4th and Broadway WSMV

3rd and Broadway Lighting 100

2nd and Broadway i106.7

General Information

Line up times/information

Broadway between 12th and 8th ave

7:00 AM Floats

7:30 AM Vehicles

8:00 AM Marchers (8th-10 ave 1-50)

8:30 AM Marchers (10th-12th ave  50-100)

No vehicles will be allowed to line up after 8:30 am.

You must be checked at 12th and Broadway prior to 9 am.


Broadway between 8th and 2nd ave

Kick off 10 am Sharp

Parade is estimated to last 2.5 hours from start to finish.

Pay attention to the parade marshal and staff at all times.

Safety First

  1. Floats and vehicles should be at 3-4 miles per hour MAX.

  2. Remain seated on the float. No jumping on or off the float unless it is stopped. 

  3. Water guns, water balloons and silly string are prohibited. 

  4. No sitting with legs off of the trailer or over the fender wheels.

  5. Doors on all vehicles must remain closed. 

  6. There must be some type of communication between driver and riders on float

  7. Float riders shall not throw candy or other items to spectators. Candy or other items may be distributed to spectators by hand from parade participants walking along side the float.

  8. If vehicle or float breaks down, try to pull off to the right side of broadway and alert a staff or police office.  The parade will continue and move around the breakdown.

End of Parade

Vehicles will turn right (anyone on a float or vehicle will wait to get off after you turn right)

Marchers will turn left

Stay and cheer on the rest of the parade


Download the Nashville Pride App --alerts will be communicated as needed

Vanderbilt first aid and medical staff will be onsite at 8th and Broadway


Sunscreen / hats/ sunglasses

Snacks (have a place to keep trash until the end)

Any medicines (EPI pens, inhalers, etc)

Parade Manager

Natalie Vincent (natalie @