Mac Huffington | Board Member

Mac is a staple here in the LGBT community being part of, but not limited to, Nashville Pride Inc. Board & Staff, Nashville Black Pride Board & Staff, Tennessee State GSA Off Campus Advisor, HER HRC and Coordinator of Sister's United now BASU, featured in the book - 100 Most Influential Gay Entertainers in America, Winner of the Out Central Autumn Award & Glamour City Pageantry Legend Award. Presented the Unity of America Pageantry System Eyes of Texas Humanitarian Award. Named one of the 50 Most Influential People in Nashville, one of four finalists for the Mark Lee Taylor Community Service Award given by Nashville LGBT Chamber. Mac has been a promoter for the Mister & Ms. Diva Tennessee U.S. of A National Pageants. Owner of the Mr. Esquire Pageant for MI for 21 years. Owner of the Ms. Tennessee Diamond Diva Pageant for Femme Pageant for 13 years. Coordinator for the Nashville Pride Festival Drag Stage and one of the coordinators with the Nashville Pride Pageant.